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Four Chapters in Vice and Woe


Goatron releases Four Chapters in Vice and Woe. Listen to high quality streams:

1. Cyanide and Blood
2. Session Sinners
3. To Their Music I Fly
4. Ghost-Mary

Full EP layout in pdf.


New material unleashed: Session Sinners now available on Mikseri and Facebook.


Three last songs from Absinthe Tales are released online: Blood Fills the Palette, The Songs of the Dead and Dead Men Music. New music also on Facebook.


Two more songs from Absinthe Tales are released online. Behind the Headstones and After the Ritual now on Mikseri and Facebook.


Goatron releases more of Absinthe Tales on the web. News songs, Whispers & Screams and Still Breathing can be heard now on Mikseri and Facebook.


Goatron releases Absinthe Tales mixes on the web. First songs available now on Mikseri, MySpace and Facebook.


Choose Goatron in the Nummirock Festival band vote.


Goatron has recruited Janne Ojala as their live drummer and Blauwald as their live bass player.


Check out and rate us on Goatron's site at Roadrunner Records' A&R.


Second taste from the album Absinthe Tales is released. The One in the Woods is now available for listening.


First pick from the album Absinthe Tales is released on the web. Stupor can be heard in Mikseri and MySpace.


New website unleashed.


Goatron is currently working on both Absinthe Tales and Bloodkeep albums. First demo tracks for Absinthe Tales have been mixed and the lyrics and music for Bloodkeep are ready. During following months the band concentrates on developing a unique soundscape for both recordings.


Goatron will start recording two conceptual albums in September. The albums entitled Absinthe Tales and Bloodkeep are to be released separately 2009/2010. Absinthe Tales features songs by the names The One in the Woods and Stupor among the other 11 tracks. Bloodkeep, still in writing, will contain tracks entitled A Castle in Deathlike Slumber and Pleasures in Bloodkeep.


The House of the Goat is now unleashed and the doors are open!