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Highlighted songs are available as high quality audio streams at Goatron's site on Absinthe Tales CD album can be ordered by e-mail: sales(at), price 10€/14$.

Four Chapters in Vice and Woe


Four Chapters
in Vice and Woe

1. Cyanide and Blood
2. Session Sinners
3. To Their Music I Fly
4. Ghost-Mary

Full EP layout in pdf.
Absinthe Tales


Absinthe Tales

1. Absinthe Tales
2. Cold Untold
3. Whispers & Screams
4. Stupor
5. Still Breathing
6. The One in the Woods
7. Behind the Headstones
8. Dwelling in Past Life
9. After the Ritual
The House of the Goat


The House of the Goat

1. Deadly Play
2. The Wraith
3. Someone’s at the Door
4. Black Candles for the Black Goat
5. Into Night’s Arms
6. The Swing
7. Witch
8. Will Tomorrow Bring the Dark?
9. No Grave
10. Cold Poison
11. The House of the Goat